Writing to myself

This is a personal experiment to see if I can comment on observations I make during the day, see if I can form a habit, see if I can persist through the resistance.
2016-09-11 It Gets You
2016-06-16 Silence Falls Upon You
2016-06-15 Listen
2016-06-14 Take Time
2016-06-12 Making a Decision
2016-06-10 Keep Thinking
2016-06-09 Dimensions
2016-06-04 Put a Fork In It
2016-06-03 Don't be Serious
2016-06-02 Working Towards the Outcome
2016-06-01 Expose Who You Are
2016-05-27 Change Pain Level
2016-05-19 It's People
2016-05-18 People
2016-05-17 Thinking Out Loud
2016-05-16 One Thing
2016-05-15 New Week
2016-05-14 I Know What Happened
2016-05-13 Stop Learning
2016-05-12 It's Not Your Fault
2016-05-11 Behind the Scenes
2016-05-10 I Find it Hard
2016-05-09 New Things
2016-05-08 One More
2016-05-07 Saying No
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