Technical Leader

My Wish To Men

Among many things I would like to see from men, one I’d like to see is for men to control their bodies. I wish more men, if not all men, would be in control of their bodies and how we throw our weight around.

Don’t plop down on to chairs, descend at a controled pace.

Don’t grab and pull the seat in front of you while on an airplane; be able to bend over and shuffle in/out of your seat.

Don’t spread your legs invading others spaces, maintain your own. It doesn’t matter if someone is using little of theirs.

When getting out of a chair, use your body and lift yourself out of your chair. Don’t push off.

Now my 101 Grandpa will have trouble doing these things. Hope your excuse matches his.

These are just a couple of my requests of men, things I feel like should be a minimum standard for being decent and respectful to all.