Technical Leader

Burning DVD's with NEC 3500AG

Just recently I bought a computer from a colleague of mine. It has been working like a charm since getting everything set up. And today I am installing Gentoo on another machine. So I downloaded the ISO from Gentoo and was attempting to burn it to a CD.

My first problem was that I didn’t have any CD burning software on my machine. But thanks to some Ubuntu documentation I happened to be looking at it mentioned InfraRecorder (a side note: I am extremely pleased with this software).

But I couldn’t get it to recognize my CD/DVD burner. I wasted almost an hour until it dawned on me. When I installed Windows XP and set up all the accounts, I put everybody as a normal user and not as an Administrator (I am trying out the whole ‘running with least priviledges’ concept). Once I ran InfraRecorder as an Administrator it all worked fine. This is the expected case, but I wonder if there is a group policy or something I can modify so anybody can scan the SCSI/IDE bus.

Something to look into.