Technical Leader

Do You Completely Understand?

Almost on a weekly basis I get frustrated at other technical people because they do not see value in the things I see value in, or the miss the point. I am quick to judge them and point my finger at them for the blame. Through my recreational reading I have come to believe it is none other than my own doing.

Mark Cuban points out that you do not deserve his time if you are quick to respond with “you just don’t get it”. As he explains it, you are the one at fault if find yourself using this phrase. You must completely understand a subject in order to explain it to other people, then if still feel yourself falling back to the aforementioned phrase that is a tell-tale sign you do not completely grasped the subject you are explaining.

Reginald Braithwaite says the single most important thing to improve your programming career is to give presentations. This is something just recently I have truly enjoyed attending (within the last year). I completely agree with this and feel most presentations I have seen, the presenter either does not completely understand the problem at hand nor do they feel motivated by the topic. My understanding and appreciation of these individuals and what they go through has had a major turn around. I have had the fortunate opportunity of knowing on a personal level a few people who have presented items at my local JUG.

I would like to encourage others to present topics as well. So many people feel as though they do not fully understand a topic as well as others; and this is true. There are few, if any, topics I know better than anybody else, however; this is about improving yourself as a developer and I know first hand your local SIG (special interest group) would be excited to have more people provide presentations.