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My Version of Qdoba's Mexican Gumbo

Although I feel ‘gumbo’ is a misnomer in this recipe, this is what my wife and I have been cooking for almost a year now. This is very similar to Qdoba’s (Qdoba Mexican Grill) recipe.

Ingredients: 2 cups cooked rice 1 can black beans, drained and rinsed 2-4 chicken breasts, grilled and sliced 1 pkg. Williams Country Store Tortilla Soup 1 can diced tomatoes (Rotel) pico de gallo sour cream tortilla strips or tortilla chips (optional)

Notes: Some people may like only two cups of rice but I use 3 cups, use your discretion on whether to use minute rice or real rice. I use Riceland in my rice cooker ( We also use an additional can of Bush’s black beans. For marinading the chicken we use whatever we have, sometimes we even grill it without any marinade/rub. I like the Williams Country Store Tortilla soup better than the Bear Creek, but you might try both of them and decide for yourself.

Get the chicken on the grill and soup going at the same time (saves time). When cooking the tortilla soup I add more water than it calls for, but other than that just follow the directions on the bag. Once the soup is done cooking, I dump in the beans and the chicken breasts (cut up in chunks). I keep the rice separate from the soup so people can serve their own desired ratios.

I like eating this all by itself and don’t use the pico, sour cream, and strips. But most people add up on this stuff, needless to say guacamole is fine too.