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Cherish Your Opponent

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I was reading about Harold Abrahams recently and was absolutely blown away by something I read in Wikipedia’s article (I have shorten it for brevity):

Abrahams won the 100m in a time of 10.6 seconds, beating all the American favorites. In third place was Arthur Porritt ... The Paris Olympics 100m dash took place at 7pm on 7 July 1924 (Abrahams and Porritt dined together at 7pm on 7 July every year thereafter, until Abrahams' death).

I had to read this a couple times then had to sit and reflect on this to make sure I understand it wholly.

I have read and been told of some of the great respect and honor people seemed to once have in the past. I think we are starting to lose this (maybe I’ve just not been enlightened).

There are times when I don’t stay in contact with people whom I consider to be good friends of mine, let alone people who were once my opponent/competitor. I do not think I can fathom the great respect or honor these gentlemen had for each other.

I would be glad to see this once again in our age, and it all starts with the person in the mirror.