Technical Leader

Just Getting Started

I have been struggling with Woodworking as a new hobby for the last 3 or so years. Some of the initial problems, which I’m still working on getting past, is the amount of tools to buy (regardless if you go the hand tool or power tool route). My primary [mental] block is what work surface to use, or how to hold the wood while working upon it.

So far every little project I have done has frustrated me because it isn’t to the caliber I expect myself to work at. I am finding that my ability to hold the work steady, firm, flat, or true gets in my head and influences my work. These last few months I have made it a point to build things that will help me work better, such as a bench tailored for woodworking, different jigs that perform a single function …etc.

What I’m finding is that with each one, my work gets a little bit better. I think my attention to things and learning is improving, but my ability to build better tools is helping more than my learning curve.

This is beginning to carry over to my work life as well. What can I build around me to help me and others work better?