Technical Leader


I like people who give, of their time and money. Ask anyone in the non-profit area and you will find out how little people give (start with churches where Christians are told to give 10%). “Normal” people just don’t do this. Seth Godin made a feature of Squidoo where you gave an extra dollar to the content creator, this was on by default. Seth wanted more people to give and it started out where 80% of the people “gave”. But as time when on people found out about the feature and routinely turned it off. On Tim Ferriss podcast, Seth mentioned it fell to 20% of the people gave.

This is not anything new and people have tried all sorts of things to get people to give more money, I’ve even seen companies create mobile applications that had all kinds of features to get more people to give to fund raising events.

But I think the thing that works best is the hardest. You have to influence your circle of friends. Ask them to go in with you on a donation of diapers to the womens shelter, or baby formula. Ask your family to give $5 or $10 to wikipedia’s next fund raising event. There are tons of ways to give, find yours and do it.