Technical Leader

Depends on How You See It

Depends on How You See It Just recently I heard from one gentlemen that is critical for small businesses and entrepreneurs to network and engage with others. His opinion was this was how we were going to help each other. By staying connected with others and continually growing your network, you could find the right prospect, connect others who either had the solution, or who had a problem they needed help solving.

Just yesterday I was talking with a CIO who was adamant “you need to protect your time, it is precious”.

I think both are right and I think it depends on your next steps. I’m sure if the CIO could meet with and possibly land business with the top Fortune 500 companies, then he would have the time.

For me, I enjoy more and more talking and connecting with others, no matter their role/job/title. I am drawn to people who think about possibilities, not just what others have done or events, but what could be. Not all dreamers are bad. I tend to think it is worse when others stop dreaming.