Technical Leader

Getting Measured

I feel like I post a lot about “I”. I guess because it feels like I’m talking to an echo chamber. I’m sure not many people read these, much less every day. So the “I” will continue I’m sure.

One thing I tried to do was when a new post went up, then I would put it on Twitter, LinkedIn, G+, and Facebook. According to Google Analytics I was driving more and more traffic to the site, but that isn’t what I want to be judge from. I’ve also gone back and forth on putting Disqus on the site too. But I wanted others, if they felt the need to comment, to write their own post either on their own site or something like Tumblr or Medium. I wouldn’t want you to spend time writing a rebuttal and have it on my site, building up content for myself. I want what you write to be your content.

But doing these things continues to make it hard to measure the value of doing something like this (publishing content every day). I’m still working through how will I judge the successfulness of this venture, I’ve got a couple ideas, but I do want to have an explicit goal in mind and something I’m working towards. Don’t let the outcome stop you, just begin … please.