Technical Leader

Hitting Empty

You hit empty, then can create 4 more. Hit empty again, then create 6 more. You have to fight through the empty spells. It is difficult.

I wonder what other people have for being empty or blocked? Writing is different than other things. When writing I can just speak to my children. Other times I can just speak to myself, what I need to hear, or what I need to change (but can’t usually).

What about painting or drawing? Is that easier? I know there are drawing prompts, I bought one the other day I use.

What if you create goods? Sew, stitch, mold, wield, or carve. I wonder if they have a basic Square One fallback they use.

If you come up to your emptiness, then find your Square One. Do it again. Don’t musicians still practice basic scales on their instrument?

What makes your craft any different?