Technical Leader

I Feel Like Quiting

I feel like quiting. This morning I do not have anything in my head. I had no drafts I could promote to a post. Just like that, writers block set in. Nothing.

Just one thing - This morning I meet with a gentlemen to work on Nuisto’s site. Of course payment was talked about, his terms were 50% down, and 50% upon completion. He said he would start soon, and would need the payment. In response I told him not to start until I get him the payment and I will get him a check in two days (I didn’t have my check book with me).

Try this - The next time someone needs payment for services, pay up front. I know lots of people will argue with this, but my stance is: Extend grace to others, put trust/faith into others.

Of course I’m not talking about thousands of dollars, that is a different matter. But I would easily pay someone $500 up front to extend trust. If I get burned then $500 was a cheap lesson learned and I walk away with a clear conscience.

When my wife and I take dancing lessons, or sailing lessons I pay up front. It also makes the other person more relaxed as the financial battle will be removed, they will be more relaxed. You can see the tension in others when they begin talking about payment. Removing this from the equation makes the engagement/lesson easier.

Here is another tip: Give them a tip. If you are taking dancing lessons for $40, then I’m sure you can afford $50 or even $60. Make yourself their favorite client/customer.

heh - Would you look at that? I did have something to give/write. I think you have something in you as well but you don’t believe it to be so. Try.