Technical Leader

Keep Rethinking

The other day I watched a video where a company has figured out how to print a magnetic field in any way they want. It makes we wonder if they could print out a magnetic gear, I wonder what this would do to limit the friction imposed by the gears. Only time will time.

When I thought I had a good grasp on technologies and what is happening now, what is possible now, I get proven wrong.

I have seen so many people try and put the world and discoveries in their own well defined boxes. Please do not do this, and if you do, then try to find them and remove them from your mind. What is possible is changing (always has been), always will be.

Keep re-thinking what you think you know. It will change, doing the same thing for 20 years is a scary place to be. Easy to disrupted. Easy to be over taken by someone else.

Keep your eyes open, even more open your mind.