Technical Leader

More Than One

A few years ago I had a framer help me for a few Saturdays on some home remodeling items. Nothing too major. The exciting thing for me was he let me work right next to him and help out. Which slowed him down, but hey, I was paying him by the hour.

This guy was a craftsman, just to explain a little bit about the caliber of work he performed; he framed a 5308sq ft home that had a second floor. When the homeowners had a pool table installed, the installation crew said that was the first house they didn’t have to level the floor in order to set the pool table. Good stuff.

While I got to work next to him, I got tickled at a lot of things he did that was very intentful and calculating. One practice he performed quite regularly is using a framing square and level to make sure all was at right angles and plumb. But he wouldn’t take one measurement and start changing things. He would check and recheck many boards and their respective angles to each other. He told me that just one angle was a piece of information, he wasn’t sure if he needed to change anything until he got more information from the story the other pieces told.

He was quick to gather information, and decisive on the change. He wouldn’t linger, or lollygag if you will, he knew what to find out and was quick to get the information, make the change and move on.

If you think your business/family/relationship is bad because of one thing, then double check your other angles. You might have more right than wrong. Use those as a guiding light on if you need to correct something.