Technical Leader

Every Day

Work out every day.

Learn German every day.

Write every day.

Journal every day.

Draw every day.

Rewrite your goals every day.

I want to take better care of my body and I’m currently doing a challenge of 1000 burpees in the month of April. I started learning Spanish on Duolingo for the utility of it, but decided I want to learn German more. I feel that my written word is lacking and so I want to [electronically] write publicly and [hand write] privately every day to build that skill. I’m finding that creative things recharge me well, whether that is drawing, leatherworking, or woodworking. But either way I want to build those skills to (somewhat) leave my work upon the world and something to hand down to the little ones. I’m also finding many successful people who are so focused on their goals they either write the goals down daily, circle their goals or some other type of ritual.

I do none of the above every day. I fail every day. i.e. I’ve logged into Duolingo once in two weeks. That is the battle for me.

I know that in order for me to accomplish and be successful in things, you have to work at it every day.

That is the journey. I want to get better and I am my own worst enemy. They only way I will get myself to change is to fight for every inch. One day I will not be able to fight.

(I almost didn’t publish this.)