Technical Leader

Funny Money

People are funny about money. They don’t like to talk about it and they don’t like to ask for it. Most times it gets weird when money needs to exchange hands for a more private engagement. Dancing lessons. Art lessons. Sailing lessons. Lawn work. I have seen many people act odd when asking for payment for a service they gave. I’ve talked to some more privately about financial dealings and found it makes them uncomfortable. It’s the confrontation they feel and are worried it will come across wrong and they could loose a client/friend.

I encourage others to do the opposite (against many experts advice). Pay in advance. Get that out of the way. Establish trust from the get go. Ease their mind, make others more comfortable around you. You will stand out, you will make them at ease, you will be memorable.

What is it worth to find others you can’t trust? If that is worth $5 to you, then don’t extend more than $5. For others it is more. I don’t pay for services well in advanced. But I’ll begin the interaction with full payment.

I dare you to try it. Next time you are at the salon/barber. Pay them first, with tip. Tip them what you would want out of experience. See if you get that in return or more. If you didn’t, then does it matter? Were you robbed of your measly $5? When I feel I was on the loosing end, then I know not to do business with them. I was not served accordingly. But my head/conscious is clear. No ill feelings.