Technical Leader

Go Do You

True Story: I know a gentleman who has an small online business (SaaS) that is bringing in a small amount of money for him. No where near a millionaire, but enough to live off of. He was telling me some of the technical pieces of the project and how everything worked. After getting a bit more information about everything I started in on how things could be ran better or automated in some fashion or another.

The thing is, who am I do say he is doing something wrong or how things could be better. He is doing it. He is making money off of it. I can go on and criticize, but it means nothing. I don’t have a project that is earning me income, heck I have tried in the past multiple times and failed every time. Here is a guy who is doing it and all I do is point out where things could be better.

Funny huh?

Although I wanted the best for him, I’m sure it come across bad. No matter what you do there will be people who will criticize. They don’t know. They aren’t the ones doing it.

You go and do you.