Technical Leader

Hit a Lull

(I’m 100% talking to myself here - I’m having a hard time with things to write about now.)

You will hit a lull. You will feel no motivation, no desire to make forward movement. You can suck it up and push through.

Doing that seems like the easiest answer to give someone and the obsolete hardest to do. I think there does exist many how like to think they pushed through, but I wonder if that is really the case. Or if they just waited it out until the urge struck them again.

Something else that I think is a bit harder to ask, easier to perform, but is not a quick solution is to write down thoughts as they come to you. If they don’t come to you, then find an activity that will facilitate it. This could be a walk around the block, sewing/stitching (for the men, don’t laugh, I’ve done this and it works great), finding many things to put your hands at work. Explaining a topic to someone else, even if it is your children.

One thing I find pretty critical though, is pen & paper handy. Be ready to capture the moment/thought when it hits. Don’t worry about getting 100% of the thought down, but more than one sentence.

Find a single person to write to. Answer their problem, give them advice or guidance.