Technical Leader

In Person

When I was younger I was able to go snorkeling in the Bahamas and was amazed at the colors and how things looked in person.

In 2006 an EF4 Tornado tore through my home town and I went back to help others pick up their belongings. Seeing all those houses destroyed definitely leaves an impact on you. I’ve seen countless news coverage over tornado loss, but until you see it in person you won’t grasp it (please don’t gawk though where you don’t belong after a storm, respect those who just lost their homes or worse yet, a loved one).

Today I witnessed my first marathon. I did not participate. My oldest daughter ran the half marathon and of course I went to go support and cheer her on. This marathon was started in 2001 in memory of the bombing victims of the OKC Bombing in 1995. They have 168 seconds of silence to remember the victims that day. I have worked around this area and have walked passed it numerous times. But this morning was different. I couldn’t help but get moved. It was powerful.

And while I looked on as a spectator, I saw firefighters running in full gear, others with no legs running, even a lady on crunches making her way. The thing is, I’ve seen this on TV before. But seeing it in person is a totally different experience.

There are many things that are more intense to experience in person. Many of those don’t cost any money. We need you out experiencing those things. Cheering others on. Participating.

Okay, sure. Yes you have seen it on TV. That doesn’t come close.