Technical Leader

I've Got Nothing

I’ve got nothing for today, struggling to come up with a topic. I wanted to write out this post yesterday so this morning I wouldn’t have to worry about it. Soon I’ll be traveling for 2 weeks and I wanted to begin building up a backlog of topics so I could post them and not spend too much time on writing them out every morning.

Yesterday evening I had an idea pop in my head that I thought would make a great post, but I didn’t capture it, write it down, or put anything in place to remind me what to write about. I’m frustrated I didn’t do anything about it when it hit me. Quite possibly my lizard brain got in the way.

The big thing I got from David Allen’s book Getting Things Done is really quieting the lizard brain. Once I had an idea and thought I had a system in place to capture it, then forget about it. To remove it from my mind. The system allowed me to go back through and see which things were brain dumps, and which ones were more matured and needed work on.

The whole lizard brain kicks our tails. We need to fight it. I think others have a lot to give. They have a lot to offer the world, but their stupid lizard brain gets in the way. I know it gets in my way.

Sometimes you can power through it and keep going, other times it is more listening to what little ideas pop up. Capture those. Those are solid gold. Don’t pass up the chance.