Technical Leader

Let Others Find it For Themselves

Years ago I was leading a personal financial class. This was one of those where you, as a coordinator, you stand up and welcome everybody then turn on the DVD (with discussions following). You don’t really do much, you are just an organizer and planner. You really didn’t need to know much of the subject.

After have been through this a couple times (2 I believe), I felt like I could give more back to the class the next time. So when the next time came around an attendee voiced his opinion on why he shouldn’t do something and should continue in his old ways because “it’s easy”.

I quickly voiced my opinion that it wasn’t good enough, he could do better. I was pretty forceful. That was the last time I saw him, he never came back to any of the other classes (neither did his wife, daughter, or son-in-law).

It was not my place to be forceful in my belief. I believe most scenario’s should be handled from a place of love and letting others find it themselves. You can guide them, provide book recommendations, ask them to watch a video …etc.

Encourage/guide their learning, but let them find it for themselves.