Technical Leader

Look Around

This morning when I was about to take a shower, I took my towel and hung it on the towel hook. Upon doing so I noticed it was tad bit loose. Entropy is creeping in.

I’ve worked at a co-working area before and have tighten loose screws on the arms of chairs and have tighten door handles. People kind of laughed at me, saying it wasn’t my job to make sure those things worked as they should. I view it differently.

Take time this week and look around you. Find those little things that need to be fixed and try to fix them. Whether you fail or not, you will learn. In the all likelihood you do fix it, then your environment is a bit better. You now have one less thing to worry about. Take time, push things back to their proper place as they should be.

PS - Seth Godin made a very similar post this morning, but I swear I didn’t see his post until after I had my draft done.