Technical Leader

Put Your Feelings Down

Put your feelings down on paper. Write to someone you care about. Write to yourself on how you should be living, or what you should be doing.

This is your assignment this weekend.

Write about a quality or trait you don’t want your children to have and one you do want them to have.

Write to self about a good habit you want to build up, then pick a bad habit you want to lose.

Got it all written done?


Now turn to those people you wrote to and tell them. If it is your children, then speak to them about those things every month. Take just one out for a “date” and talk to them. One on one. Then do the same thing next week for the other one (and so on, and so on).

We are close to five months into 2016, in a short while half of 2016 will be gone. Live intently. Set these things on your calendar so you won’t forget to do them regularly. This matters.

What do you want to say that you haven’t?