Technical Leader

Rack and Pinion

Growing up you heard words and just associate them to what it is. For instance, I know what a rack and pinion looks like, I can describe it to you, and show you examples.

But I don’t know what a rack is in this context, nor a pinion. No clue. I looked it up and read about it just to be that much more informed.

But what else exists in your world that you just intuitively know? Is there something else to know about it? Do you know the “why’s” for it? Is it bundled or packaged in a nice little box and no one questions it? Is there a place to disrupt it?

Chep really changed up how people looked at something that was thought to be fully understood. (Listen to this NPR podcast for what I’m talking about

Don’t accept status quo. Keep thinking. Keep looking. There is something else to know or discover in the little things.

Side Bar: I’ve been thinking about talking a bit about how I come up with these ideas for my posts. I’m still stewing on it and I’m not sure if I am sold on the idea. But here is taste: For this post I was watching The Darbin Orvar Channel (Lynn is her name) talking about why she bought her table saw and was talking about the rack and pinion system for the fence and the rack & pinion. That was it, I quickly started day dreaming about how I didn’t know what that really meant and how silly that is. I switched over to Sublime Text and started typing this out. The mood struck me. This post over just the little phrase “rack and pinion”.