Technical Leader

Saying No

Vices. We all have them right? Starting in High School I felt like I deserved some things, felt like I had put in my time, work, and effort, and was entitled to what I was after. Even after college I had entitlement. It was only after a few years that enough was enough. I was tired of the results I was seeing, I began to open my mind that I was doing something wrong. I began to change.

Now I see entitlement as one of the worst qualities we could have. Iā€™m trying to make sure my kids do not have any sense of entitlement as I feel this will be detrimental to them. I felt entitled to a status and roles, later it was material things. Saying no more often protects my family better, I have fewer things tying me down. Fewer payments turns into fewer debts, which makes it easier to get out of debt entirely. Having fewer things tying me down, fewer things for which I need to pay allows me to give more to others. That is more important.

Saying No is one of the most important things we can teach ourselves, our children, and others. Please say No more often so later your Yes can be massive.