Technical Leader

Wanting To

For a long time I’ve wanted to have written a book. Having made primarily D’s in English (littered with a few F’s) I’ve never felt I had the ability to do so. I didn’t want to just have a book published, I wanted to have gone through writing it.

I’ve always waited until I had something to talk about… which I have yet to find. But as I have watched others execute then fall into books or other endeavors, I decided it was time I started to execute as well.

I have a lot of road in front of me, more things to improve upon, and even more things to learn. But I can’t get there unless there is movement. Note I didn’t say forward movement. I’m learning this is a problem as well. I have caught myself not making any movement scared that it will be in vain and not accomplishing anything at all. I believe now that is a fallacy, and to me has limited opportunities to me.