Technical Leader

Day 68

Day 68. They say after 66 days forming a habit gets much easier. The flow has been established and the level of effort required to perform the tasks becomes more autonomous.

Yeah - no it doesn’t. It is still as hard as the first day, maybe even a bit harder. Fear of coming up with a good topic gets harder. If you do something once or twice it’s no biggie if you fail or write something stupid. But if you were to do that after many tries, then it is time to hang it up. Give up. Give in. Stop. It’s not worth it.

I don’t subscribe to that way of thinking. I’ll keep going. I’ll find my voice and message that I still haven’t been able to find. I’m keeping with the end in mind. I will learn something from this journey. I have missed 5 days since I started, I’m sure I’ll miss more in the future.

I am bound and determined to remove doubt from my mind.

What are you determined to do?