Technical Leader

Stop Learning

Being in the software business has taught me one large thing. If I were to stop learning, then I’m quickly irrelevant, behind, and out of a job.

New languages, frameworks, libraries are being created at a daily pace. New ways of solving problems are popping up, and different architectures are coming into being.

I don’t believe a daily email will help me learn. I am going to have to be deliberate with learning new things. But also relearning how to solve something. The thing I learned 10+ years ago is not applicable now, things have changed.

About every year I have to learn to forget what I know and learn something new.

We all need to stay agile with our minds. I believe in my life time many industries will change. I believe electric cars and self-driving cars will become heavily used. I believe mobile devices and IoT (Internet of Things) will influence health care and more of our living spaces.

Even our currency by way of BitCoin could easily be changed.

We need people who are able to relearn their understanding of how the world works. It will be a highly sought after skill that we can all practice.