Technical Leader

Don't be Serious

Have some fun with it, this doesn’t mean doing something ridiculous, but let loose a little bit and be a little creative instead of being so serious.

I’ve seen people try and give a presentation, talk, or video and professionalism seems to be forefront on their mind. What ends up being the message received is dry, boring, and slow. One of the funny things is that it takes more energy and effort to look serious. Have some fun with it, don’t fret so much.

This is one reason I like Snapchat so much, is it is even easier to be silly. If you are wanting to start a podcast, vlog, or any other content. Then grab Snapchat and start creating your story.

The puppy filter might be a fad, but creating content isn’t. And if the puppy filter makes it easier for you (or the next filter yet to come), then I’m all for it.