Technical Leader

Expose Who You Are

What are your excuses for doing more? For putting yourself out in the public more often. Which is trivial with all the different communication mediums we have available.

Are you afraid of exposing who you are? Why is that a bad thing? Is that a bad thing? If you think it is, you need to stop that. One way of stopping that is to begin to change your mind, change your way of thinking. The other way is to just push through that resistance and publish something.

You aren’t flawed, you aren’t wrong, you aren’t more stupid than the next person. You are genuine, you are real, you have your own unique perspective. All those flaws you think you have … those things is what makes you relatable. Those are the things that will allow you to reach out to people and influence them. You are just like others, and others need some help.

They need to see your message, hear your voice, see your face.

Be you, expose who you really are.