Technical Leader

Keep Thinking

I’m finding it very difficult to write every day. I can make it easier by building up a queue of posts, but that would require work as the tool I use for these posts does not have any built in scheduled posts or queueing. So it has been a manual effort so far.

So recently I stopped and broke my pattern of every day posting. I traveled out of state for work, and was heads down figuring things out. Once I broke my pattern it was easy to stay broken and not continue. In doing so, I didn’t capture my thoughts, I didn’t write down an idea or belief. I just let them pass by.

Writing every day is difficult for me, but I enjoy how thoughts were coming to me. As long as I write them down and capture them, then later I come back and write on it a bit more. A lot of times the thoughts are about the same subject, which I don’t object, those are just what is on my mind at that particular moment.

I want to become what I think about and by writing everyday seems to make it happen faster.