Technical Leader

Making a Decision

Have you ever made a decision that when you went against or didn’t fulfill that decision you felt bad? I’m not saying depressed or traumatized, just a little bad that you didn’t follow through with what you promised yourself. Hopefully when you realized the situation you either did, or attempted to, rectify the situation.

What if you made more of these types of decisions in your life? What if you decided “no more”?

I will do X.

I will not let X go on.

The simple ones are hard. Doing one pushup is easy. Deciding to do one pushup for 365 days is hard. Calling a family member is easy. Deciding to call them every Sunday for 52 weeks is hard.

When was the last time you thought about drawing a line in the sand? I’m betting there are some things you need to make a decision on, but life will continue just fine not making those.

But you are after a better life than that, right?