Technical Leader

Working Towards the Outcome

What is the outcome you are expecting? When posting on Facebook are you expecting “likes” or a few comments? What if you begin using a new platform and don’t have the engagement you are looking for.

If you know your message and audience, then you are beyond most people. If you don’t know your audience, then it will be hard to keep going. But you need to push past the unknown. Of not knowing what you are going to do. You just might have to improve yourself first, hone your delivery before involving others.

But you have to start. If you are worried that you are just repeating what others are talking about, then start with that. Don’t tell too many people, work on you.

Most people just won’t read your content. Yes there are haters out there, but if you are just out by yourself, then most haters won’t be around. People will just leave … of the horror!

It will be hard to get them back, but maybe they aren’t the ones you are trying to capture.

Find out what outcome you are expecting from your actions. It will begin to help in discovering a course of action and content to create.