Technical Leader

It Gets You

“Don’t do that, people have seen it.”

“You going to push others away.”

“You don’t have anything new to say, nobody cares so it is wasted effort.”

“You are nothing special.”

“They will get tired of you repeating yourself over and over again. It gets old. Enough already.”

Yep. I’ve heard those too in my head. Which is why I stopped. I saw the same thing, nothing new. But then I forgot something. I’m doing this for me, it is okay for others to unfollow. You do you. One day you will settle into your own groove, you will find a new message, and by sucking all these years, but establishing the habit, you will come out ahead.

You will establish a rhythm/cadence. You will ingrain within you the habit of action. Start doing, don’t worry about the negative thoughts. How others won’t read a single word you have written. You need to go through that to get to the other side.

As always - talking to myself.