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Waiting on a Direction

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For too many years, I waited. I was looking for that “sign” on which direction to move towards. In my head I had a fear of chosing to go South only for that to be the wrong “direction” where I should have taken North. I justified my reasoning by thinking it was best to not move in the wrong direction, and instead wait for the right way to go. If I chose South but needed to go North, by staying put I was still in the half way point there. So was in a better position.

People have written good books on “get action, look to those for your guide.

Even if you choose the wrong “direction”, you will make connections along the way. You will learn market/product fit, others will come to know you as a creator and do-er. This will build up your steam and begin to work for you. Trying yourself to build and create, to move forward, will pay off. Even that “wrong” step, could put you in a position where you are suppose to be to make the next one greater.